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AkoinNFT’s Genesis Drop Launches with Wrapped LA x Traveler Music

On April 14th, American singer-songwriter, rapper, and now NFT’s newest curator, Akon, announced that he is teaming up with WrappedLA and Traveler to create a one-of-a-kind NFT series called AkionNFT, powered by Taqo.io.

Music mogul Akon announced the AkionNFT project that will feature collaborative designs from WrappedLA, with sounds and music by Traveler. Due to the stay at home nature of the current COVID-19 pandemic, artists have struggled to make ends meet with the limited ability to showcase their art through in-person events, such as art galleries. In response to this, NFT’s have been growing more popular amongst modern artists, as well as the demand to showcase digital works of art.

While the Akoin team was initially created for the cryptocurrency AKN and as a digital asset platform, Akon has partnered with Taqo.io to help artists create, distribute, and mint their own NFT’s, and showcase it to the world without leaving the house. According to Akon, NFT’s are a way for artists to continue creating art in a sustainable way while keeping them connected to other artists in the movie, TV, film, sound, and design industry.

“After a challenging year for creatives of all kinds, #NFTs have created a growing market with incredible opportunities for both artists and their fans.

I get asked about NFTs constantly by fellow musicians, so I wanted to post some of my thoughts…

…NFTs are growing quickly and it’s great to see. 

Artists are always looking for new ways to spread their art, and with NFTs, they are empowered to do so on their own terms.

Music, artwork, video game items — NFT use cases are comprehensive.”

Although not all NFT’s are works of art, Akon has partnered with Taqo.io to bring a digital art collection to life, giving fans the chance to purchase rare pieces of virtual art that toe the line between art and something that appears to be alive. Other artists have started utilizing NFT’s in their own ways, including Post Malone, when he began minting a Fyooz-based NFT for the purpose of giving his fans a concert experience that borderline music with virtual art, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. Other notable artists include the infamous rock band, Kings of Leon.

“We believe in artists of all talents. We support artists for we are artists and there’s never been a better time to put the power back in our collective hands to create a greater connection with fans,” said Akon via CoinDesk.

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